Core Business

Media & Broadcast

We are more focus to our “Vertical Solution” and moving forward with great broadcast technology partners in giving the latest End to End Broadcast Solution in SD & HD quality to our customers. Hence, we allocated a dedicated team to provide the support and training on the solutions to ease our customer needs. The next generation of Sales & Marketing is moving towards “Digital Marketing” and in Media we also provide the Digital Signage solutions to our customers.



IT Strategic Infrastructure Planning

In the same manner that blueprints serve as the architectural plan for building construction, the strategic network plan will serve as a master plan for IT networks future infrastructure investment, development and deployment. A network infrastructure strategy establishes how information is expected to be transverse across an enterprise in the future. It describes how enterprise network technology will support the organization’s missions, goals and objectives, thereby aligning the network with the overall business direction. Advancing technology is only the beginning to a successful transition. Migration of the entire network includes focus on the people and processes as well. Experts in management of complex inter-networking projects.

Our Planning Process:

  • Identify key business objectives and processes
  • Perform assessment of current and future network technology
  • Identify what network products/services will be required to support future business or campus initiatives
  • Perform gap analysis between current environment and future directives
  • Develop detailed project plan – identify resources required to complete project
  • Present recommended portfolio of projects to close the gap between current environment and desired environment

IT Infrastructure Design

One of the most important aspects of any system implementation is the infrastructure that supports it. Infrastructure for these purposes is defined as the cabling systems, computer room and clean power distribution.

Unfortunately these issues are often overlooked when introducing IT services to a business. All too frequently these oversights are the primary cause of system failures and high maintenance costs. Furthermore it is extremely difficult to correct poor infrastructure after the systems have gone live and the problems have come to light.

Our Technology Partners

Avaya Arista Extreme Fingertec Oracle Huawei