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Media & Broadcast

MewahCorp  -  Media & Broadcast also designed to provide a Channel In box solutions to its customers which support SD, HD and IP output. In Digital Signage solutions we provide a solutions which is powerful in designing the Content and also ease in play out to its remote player.


MewahCorp  data networking solutions are designed to address current and future requirements of our clients. The portfolio offers reliable, secure, end to end solutions in the following area:

  • Ethernet Switching (GE and 10GE)
  • Unified Communication and Management
  • Wireless Networking
  • Access Control
  • Cloud Computing
  • Voice Over IP Integration

LAN Network Management

VLAN and switch technology require a commensurate network management platform to achieve optimal performance. Such platforms should provide proactive resolution of problems and capacity issues. MEWAHCORP assists clients with selection, installation, training and support of a variety of network management platforms.

LAN Monitoring and Support

LAN issues often present themselves as performance problems. The underlying causes can arise from poor design, physical-layer failures, or protocol issues from application layer problems. Our staff has the experience to diagnose problems on Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI/CDDI LAN network topologies. Our knowledge of protocol design and analysis tools such as network sniffer products facilitates identification of problem sources.


IT Security Solutions

MewahCorp provides total IT Security solutions in the area of network security. The focus is Next Generation firewall products, Managed Security Solutions as well as client encryption systems. Solutions unite modern security and network features like firewall, bridging, VLAN, single sign-on, traffic shaping, QoS, IPSec / SSL (X.509), IDS / IPS, Web filter, virus filter, real-time spam detection and HTTPs proxy altogether in one system.


CCTV and Biometrics Door Access

Security is vital. We supply, install and provide maintenance for CCTV remote monitoring and Biometrics Door Access. We provide these products in any scale let it be big or small, ranging from homes, to school, to hospitals, big and small enterprises, etc.

Our Technology Partners

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